How It Works

We evaluate the eligibility of your roof for our rejuvenation treatment. If it meets the criteria, we administer our Roof Maxx solution to prolong the lifespan of your shingles.



We Assess Your Roof

At Roof Maxx, we prioritize providing the most effective care for your roof. Our team of professionals meticulously examines the condition of your roof to determine its eligibility for our revitalization procedure. If we confirm that your roof is an appropriate candidate, we will arrange a convenient appointment to administer our Roof Maxx solution. However, if we discover any significant concerns or leaks during the evaluation process that require fixing, we will promptly inform you of the situation and provide expert recommendations to resolve them.



We Apply Roof Maxx

At the time of our scheduled appointment, we perform an extensive roof inspection to detect any potential concerns. Following that, we carry out a roof tune-up to guarantee that your roof is in optimal shape. Lastly, we apply Roof Maxx to your roof, which typically requires only a few hours to complete. Our efficient and effective approach ensures that you can enjoy a revitalized roof promptly.



Five Years, Guaranteed

Our restorative oil can revive the suppleness and water-resistant properties of your shingles for five years, guaranteeing optimal protection for your property. Furthermore, our warranty is transferable in the event of you relocating during that period.

Roof Maxx Works, But Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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They have treated my own personal house twice. Please take my word for it. It does work.

Jerry Linkhorn

Ohio's Top Home Inspector

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